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You only need a smartphone or a tablet with internet access, then download TaxiScout App and you are ready to go.”

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Starting Position

Your position is automatically determined using GPS (Global Positioning System). You don’t have to know the exact address. For tourists and business travelers with time pressure, this is very convenient and time saving.

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Finding the Taxi

The App will show all taxi drivers that are near your starting position and who meet your desired profile. Once you decide on a taxi, you will be informed by message if your request is accepted.

Strecke und Stopuhr


You can see the progress and the remaining waiting time, and receive notification when the taxi has reached your starting position. Pre-orders are also possible.

Available for iOS and Android

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Payment Options

The App gives you estimated price of selected service. The fare can be payed with cash. Depending on payment system of the vehicle, the following payment methods may be accepted: credit card, debit card, paypal or directly trough the App.

Smartphone mit Ansicht auf Bewertungen der einzelnen Fahrer

Only Registered Drivers

This option ensures your safety. You can have your favorite driver picking you up if available, or you can always see the star rating and comments to choose a driver that others recommend.

Hand hält gelben Griffs eines gelbes Koffers


You can enter special requests in the app for every taxi order. This includes the number of passengers, taxi capacity, disability, pets, preferred payment method and more. Ratings and tariffs can also be taken into account automatically.